How It Works
How It Works


How It Works


Simply search for the service for the service provider, location, date and time. You can also browse our selected list of service providers or service


Once you select a service you will land on the service provider’s page. Every service and service provider has a detailed brief and some services even down to the desired employee.


Once you select a service you can book instantly, pay on our payment gateway or cash. Booking on ServedX is simple and browsing is exiting we are here to make your life easier.

Features & Benefits

For Businesses

Businesses are one of our customers at ServedX. We noticed the lack of digitalization and data in the industry and we want to help. Our platform will build a closer relationship with your clients, allow you to market your products and get on spot analysis. Our platform itself is a unique scheduling system that will organize your bookings, customer data and progress.

ServedX Offers:

  • Instantly Updated Calendar
  • Payment Gateway
  • A Unique CRM Database
  • A Unique Webpage
  • SMS Notifications for your Customers
  • Email Notifications for your Customers
  • Your Customer Directory
  • Need we say more? Join ServedX

For Service providers ServedX delivers an integrated platform. Our platform offers a scheduling mechanism that allows you to monitor your upcoming appointments, send emails and SMS confirmations to your customers. We also offer a payment gateway, a truly in depth CRM dashboard for customized analytics, and customized marketing campaign management. Basically, we offer the future digitalization for your business and to enrich the relationship between you and your customers.

For User

Our team at ServedX knows the difficulties of finding and booking services. We focus on serving you and your needs. Our platform offers the ease of searching for services and browsing services you didn’t know of, and where the services can take place. We at ServedX will make your service needs easier to find, more convenient to book and with the satisfaction you deserve

ServedX Offers:

  • View, Browse and Book Services
  • Notifications on your Bookings
  • Instantly Updated Calendar
  • Online History of your Bookings
  • Promotions and Benefits
  • Payment Gateway to Pay Online
  • Need we say more? Join ServedX

ServedX is an online platform for quick browsing of service oriented businesses. We provide the means to search, view and book services online. The services can take place in our desired location or in the service provider’s location. We promote a central hub where customers can find and explore the services available to them in their area. The main goal is to develop not only a marketplace for services but an unrivalled service booking and browsing experience.